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Winter is coming and it is brutal

Today it is -6 outside which is a mad temperature swing from +18 before Christmas when I was building dry stone walls with my vest on. It is full coat and polo neck weather now! When the sun comes out it warms up quickly and feels like it is burning but in the shade the temperature plummets. Living up high on the hill here at As Plos we get the sun first, so heat up quickly especially when there are no clouds. However, 12km away in St Antonin, which is down in the valley, it can stay cold all day.

When it does get frosty here it doesn’t hang around for long but it is always worth getting the camera out and going for a quick stroll. Close up shots of things like old seed heads, dandelions and rose hips always look super awesome when it is cold. I have yet to capture any frosty photos with the deer as they go into hiding at daybreak and any that venture out later in the morning are soon gone when they hear the camera lens focusing! I’ll keep looking out for them and hopefully capture something more mobile than dead flowers soon...

In the meantime, the locals have suggested that there might be some snow on the way next week which is very exciting because there are some awesome hills around here and our friends down the road won a brilliant sledge at the local Lotto the other day! It is rare for us to get proper snow but maybe we will get lucky this year – this is certainly one place I wouldn’t mind being snowed in!


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