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Life goes on

It’s been hard to know what to say about the situation we find ourselves in right now. On the one hand, we know we couldn’t be more fortunate to have to spend our time in isolation in this beautiful place we call home. On the other hand, we’ve never been so anxious, so completely helpless, afraid, or as close to the bread line. Some days the beauty of this place isn’t enough to make all of this feel alright, other times, the sun shines, the flowers blossom and the birds sing and all feels right with the world. It is a peaks and troughs situation. With no more guests on-site, children at home permanently, and still our other jobs to do (by the skin of our teeth!), this lockdown hasn’t given us chance to switch off and go slow. Quite the opposite, but if one thing has come out of it, it’s our appreciation of our little plot, our local village and the lanes around us. By some ironic twist in time, we have been confined here just as the only thing we want to do is go outdoors and enjoy spring! When we first went into lockdown we were allowed to walk 2km from home, by ourselves, once a day for exercise. This has been reduced to 1km and requires a form to be carried with us at all times. Even the bridle paths and walking routes have been closed and cycling is frowned upon! However, despite these measures, this has led to a healthy re-appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us. It’s springtime and everything is growing. It seems that whilst coronavirus steals our freedom, and sadly, people’s lives, that life really does go on. The grass grows, the trees come into leaf, the blossom blooms, the sun shines, the wind blows and things that have always been, continue unaltered. So rather than dwell on the negatives we're focusing on the ‘life goes on’ things all-around us when we take our daily walks. To see the amazing array of flowers and trees in our immediate vicinity check out the photos by our very own @jimma_the_great on Instagram.


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