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What will the new year bring?

I'm a little late with this post largely because our January started off with some sightseeing in the Pyrenees as a birthday treat for me (sadly no snow when we were there), followed by what has felt like weeks of illness for every single one of us. However we're finally out the other side and planning for what we hope will be a successful, exciting and busy 2019.

We couldn't have asked for a better end to the year for our Le petit Hibou cabin accommodation. Full throughout December as well as guests at Christmas, New Year and then well into January. It's easy to see why - the cosy charm of a wooden cabin with a massive bed, log burner and private wood-fired hot-tub are definitely appealing, especially in the winter months. In fact that's exactly what we were looking for during our stay in the Pyrenees. It seems lots of twenty something Toulousain, Bordelaise and Marseillaise couples actively seek out a break away from it all, and that's exactly what we have to offer. We've not been here long enough to know what a typical spring looks like for bookings but we're hopeful that we'll match last year's figures, and of course increase them if we can!

Little owl cabin in the snow
We don't often get snow, but when we do it's very pretty!

One thing we are pretty pleased about is how the cycling holiday bookings are going (so far). Most notably that we've already filled our September cycling holiday week. We were always told to expect repeat customers, but we weren't expecting them to be such great sales people! It's a pretty uplifting feeling to have people booking with us again, and at time of writing two thirds of next year's guests are repeat visitors. Let's hope we're able to give them another memorable holiday Tours du Tarn style.

One thing we know is happening this year but we don't know when, is another airing on A New Life in the Sun. This time it will be a 'Revisited' style airing where the show will look back at how we were when we first arrived to how things are now...should be interesting!

Some interesting things have happened thanks to our appearing on the show - one is a steady stream of guests who, prompted by the show, were intrigued enough to book a visit, including one couple who came all the way from Germany after seeing us on German Netflix! Marcus' proudest moment however was when back in the UK he went to pay for fuel and was recognised by the cashier!!!! Très embarrassant.

Of course who knows where Brexit will leave us. It's a pretty sorry state of affairs for people like us, who chose to exercise their rights to move freely around Europe and live somewhere other than 'home'. We basically find ourselves completely in limbo. Do we belong, don't we? Are we welcome or aren't we? March will be here very quickly and after that, who knows? One thing we do know is there will be EVEN MORE paperwork than before!

Summer is something we can be a little more sure of around here. Firstly (and I hope I don't curse it when I say this), is the great weather - hot hot hot! And secondly most of our high season is booked up from July through to September so we know where we'll be every rooms, changing beds and welcoming new guests. If you fancy bagging one of the last weeks available take a look here.

Here's to a happy year full of more French / Anglo surprises. Until next time à bientôt!


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