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We're doing it!

As we approach our two year anniversary of living out in France, now seems like a good time to take stock of what we've done in our whirlwind first 24 months. In fact, never more so than today as we say goodbye to our second group of cycling guests of the season and it suddenly hits me that we're actually doing exactly what we came out here to do - running cycling holidays! This might sound a bit obvious but sometimes, in the melee of everything else we're doing, I think we all forget that not only did we make a plan, be we also executed it! Pats on the back to us for that!

Of course it's still early days and as with any new business, we all wish we had more cycling customers, but slowly and surely the word is getting out about how great it is to see this part of France by bike, a message that has only been further helped along by the guests that visit, take photos, tell their friends , families and cycling clubs, and even book a return trip!

Sometimes, when we're picking up guests from some of the region's finest spots and they enthuse about the sights they've seen, or as you hear the familiar splash of people enjoying the pool, the laughter and chatter and the chink of glasses over dinner, you really do have to pinch yourself to realise this is all real and we are actually doing this.

So cheers to us!

Spring cycling holiday guests gather for a pre-ride selfie


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