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Tours Du Tarn barn conversion

I think it's pretty safe to say that it's all been going on here at TdT!

As you can see, a lot of that involves some major renovations to our Barn: La Grange.​ We're really excited about all of the work the builders have done so far - it's really coming along at some pace. Our cycling and self-catering guests will soon have a fresh new barn conversion to enjoy from August 2016 onwards. Its got a great aspect perched on the edge of the plot facing south and was crying out for some TLC to breath some life into it once again.

It's an 18th century building that once housed animals in the lower floor and storage above but is lending itself beautifully to its new purpose of housing humans whilst relaxing on holiday. If I'm perfectly honest I can't wait to stay in it myself!

It's no small job but we're definitely on track for the major works to be completed by May ready for decorating, furnishing and checking for snags for a month or so.

The wooden beams were all in great condition and the sand-blasting has worked a treat on bringing out their individual character. This, with the "picking out" in the stone walls, keeps all of the old features we like and is a nod to it's 18th century origins which now sit alongside the more modern, clean elements of the building. We're almost ready for the bathrooms to go in which will add a modern but classic ensuite to each of the 4 bedrooms - I can't wait to be able to post some photos!

By far the most impressive feature is the new window that frames the view to south across the meadow and out to the Pyrenees (on a good day!).

Reclaiming some of the old edging stones from an old doorway and reusing them in the new opening, the stonemason has made it look like this window was always here and it's by far my favourite part of the build. I can't stop looking at it and I don't mind admitting that I sat in it with a beer the other night after the builders had all gone home!

The view is amazing and once the oak frame window goes in there will still be enough room for a nice window seat for people to sit in and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

In a strange way I'd like the work to drag on just a bit longer - purely because as soon as the builders have moved out it means our work begins!

There's a kitchen fit, lights to hang, bedroom rooms to decorate and furnish and a lot of sanding and varnishing the parquet floor. There's also a little project of my own to finish to add a bit of a cycling theme to the place - but more on that shortly!


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