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Tours du Tarn at Tour de France

I cannot be more excited right now to see that this year's Stage 6 of the Tour de France will pass right through our local town of Saint Antonin on July 7th - meaning we're only minutes away from the action. The countdown is well and truly on.

Although we've been holidaying in France for many years, despite my love of the Tour, I've never managed to get our holiday timing right to see a stage pass through. Maybe it's right that I should see my first stage on the first year of actually living in France - almost like having to earn it.

We'll be busy putting the final touches to the new barn and grounds ready to accept our first paying guests of the season but I think we can take an afternoon off in celebration of the world's most famous cycle race.

I'm hoping to get lots of photos of the event and at the moment trying to work out if it's sensible to try and get into Montauban ready for the finish. In reality, we'll all probably get carried away with the festivities (wine) and stay put in Saint Antonin - where I have no doubt that the party will continue long after the publicity 'caravan' and race has passed through...


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