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No pooling around!

It was -4 degrees celsius when we rolled into Gaillac this morning - not the type of day most people usually go window shopping for a swimming pool - but hey this is us! Needless to say, two hours in the office of 'Cash Piscines' later combined with the 'let's just get it done' attitude of the 'Tours du Tarn four' saw us leaving Gaillac with a swimming pool in our back pocket (so to speak!).

It was a really exciting morning knowing how much the pool will improve the site for our guests and now the hard work really begins because this isn't any old pool - this is a build it yourself pool. It's a big undertaking but we reckon we have the skills and work ethic to get it done, so let the 11 x 5 metre pool digging commence!

Updates on progress to follow.


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