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New Year Renovations

I guess you could say that one of our 'New Year Resolutions' was to make a start to putting a bathroom and kitchen in the cabin ready for rental this summer/autumn.

We decided we'd start as soon as we arrived, take a break for the New Year Party when our Friends arrived and then crack on again after our hangover's had subsided and they'd gone home!

We'd make a few preparations a few weeks before by 'upcycling' an old dresser as a sink and worktop for the kitchen. There's also a side table that is now a bathroom vanity unit with copper bowl as a sink (drilling copper is fun!) and we plan to repurpose one of the larger oak planks as a worktop to continue the kitchen.

We want the cabin to be a bit different and put together we'd things we've built, recycled or re-purposed - the point being it's a cabin and can be a bit 'bijou' and cosy whilst being proud to let it to guests.

Whilst Jim and I dropped down to Brico Depot in Montauban to buy all of our supplies, the girls got on with the unenviable task of sanding and painting our repurposed items - both jobs I absolutely loath!

Fortunately Jim and I would have some more enjoyable things to do (well, to us at least) and we soon got the partitions up for the bathroom

We made good progress in two days and soon the door was in and a frame built internally to support the electric boiler. It was great to be working on it and we couldn't help but set out some of the furniture to get an idea what it would eventually look like!

There's clearly still a lot to do - like the plumbing, wiring, decorating....and of course the connections for the toilet and sink but we're well on the way and will be finished in no time. We'll post more pictures here on the blog as work progresses.


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