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Moving things from there to here

Unpacking into As Plos

Having had to return home to the UK almost as soon as we'd signed for the house, we were counting the days before we could return. We'd hoped to spend two weeks getting to know the place a little more but delays caused by the planning documents we needed meant we simply got a tiny taster of life at As Plos Heights before we had to drive off leaving it in the early morning sun.

Almost as soon as we got back we were planning our return so 4 weeks and an overnight drive later, Charlotte and I arrive with our car full of 'homewares' and a long list of things to do - like building all of the new furniture we'd need to fill the huge spaces we now find ourselves in!

The delivery arrived exactly when it was supposed to, as I was in the loo, and it was odd to see the van on the drive - our drive - as our first ever visitor!

We had hours of building ahead of us but not before we'd finished sanding and varnishing the floors upstairs so Charl and I cracked on which took us late into the evening. Apart from a minor altercation with the slatted bed-base, it was a nice feeling to be settling in to what will be our new home very soon.


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