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Mel's Wells!

Its becoming clear that owning a house in France comes with a very different set of maintenance tasks!

From our tiny terraced house in Earlsdon, Coventry it seemed bonkers to be planning how we were going to find and repair the hole that is seemingly preventing our well (or more accurately "citern") from holding more than a hundred or so litres of water.

We sourced some waterproof cement in the UK and on arrival the other day Charl and I bought a submersible pump ready to embark upon our subterranean maintenance project - but only after our nominated repairwoman (Mel) had arrived from the UK. I don't recall how Mel can the job of being lowered down the well but, as you can see, there is no doubting her commitment to the job

Having spent hours yesterday emptying the well and clearing it of spiders, I was delighted that Mel was fully psyched up to get down there today. Before long we couldn't mix and send the cement down to her fast enough. The whole process was just hilarious from start to finish and Jim and I managed to burn ourselves in the sun being so distracted by the utterly bizarre situation!

Anyway, theres a good layer of cement around the areas Mel thought might be the source of the leak so now its just a case of waiting for a good downpour to see if its fixed. The well is incredibly important at this time of year for watering the garden and the two large plastic butts we have just won't be enough. I calculated that it held around 3000l so fingers crossed its fixed but secretly I think we're all hoping she has to go down there again just to see her in all her get up! Thanks Mel!!

If you have a well that's in need of some TLC, call Mel's Well's on 07.............


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