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Lolli's new playground

It's pretty fair to say that our dog, Lolli couldn't be happier right now. After a long drive down here where she spent several hours over two days panting constantly in the back of a hot car, she has now fully embraced her new play space which has expanded from a very small walled Edwardian garden in Coventry to about 7 acres of old farm land in rural south-west France! Just walking the dog to the end of our lane is further than our old dog walks and the smells and sights and sounds are so exciting that she's exhausted at the end of every day. Unfortunately there are also some down sides. Only a matter of days in and we had to give her an extreme haircut as her coat reacted like Velcro for just about every type of seed imaginable and were virtually impossible to remove! Now, fully 'strimmed' she has even more energy and is burning calories faster than we can feed her. It really is a dog's life out here.


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