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Finally, an update from Espinas

Brooding Sunday afternoon

It’s an unusually brooding and somewhat lazy Sunday afternoon here in Espinas and, whilst the others have all gone out for the afternoon to check out the Jardin de Quercy, I’ve stayed behind to take a rare opportunity to post something to the blog - the last post was May!

There’s been a big gap in posting since we arrived in June and that’s because life has been absolutely bonkers. I’ve barely had chance to digest the fact that we left the UK to live permanently here in south west France over 4 months ago and I’m still partially living out of my suitcase! The dog seems to more setteled than we are!

Guests, friends and families have come and gone over the summer and left us a heck of a lot of memories and really positive feedback and so a few future posts will be added retrospectively and dedicated to some of the best moments over the summer - check back for more of those ramblings and pictures very soon.

Over the the next few weeks and months we’ll be concentrating on marketing our winter rentals, starting the push for cycling holidays for next spring/summer/autumn, launching our new website and (somewhat more epic) installing our own pool over the winter. In addition, I need to concentrate more on cycling over the next few months to try and get my fitness and weekly mileage back up to reasonable levels again - just for my own sanity! With that in mind, it’s going get busy again very soon but I should have more time to be able to update you on progress here on the blog or on our social media pages so check back here soon.


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