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Ferme Auberge Les Chenes

It can't be all business all of the time can it? We didn't think so either so it was great to take the parents to one of our favourite restaurants in the area the Ferme Auberge Les Chenes, based on the edge of the foret de Gresigne near Penne.

Not only has it got the most incredible views from the outdoor terrace but Cécile and Serge do the most genuine food in the area, not least because all of the meat is their own produce, and the service is friendly to the point you feel like a old friend whilst you are there.

We were first introduced to the restaurant by our friends John and Lina who have had a rental property in the area for many years and have great judgement on local food and wine. In this case I was a little sceptical because, since it was out of season, we'd need to phone or drop in to book and order our food at least one day before we visited to allow them time to plan the butchering!

From the moment 4 thirty-something English people walked in we felt completely welcomed and at ease. It really is a hidden gem of the area and one we will definitely feature in our cycling holidays in some form or another and, judging by the in-law's reaction this time, its gone down well with them too!

Ferme Auberge Les Chenes


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