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Business time

It’s pretty hard to find enough hours in a day to hold down a full time job and set

up a new business at the same time – but that’s precisely what we’re doing here

at Tours du Tarn.

There’s not only the infrastructure of the business to think about such as

accommodation, comfort, scenery, bikes and sun loungers but also websites,

social media, bookings, deposits, branding, pricing and so on.

Thankfully amongst the four of us we have got a good, broad range of skills to

draw upon but there’s no escaping it – there’s still a hell of a lot to do and it’s

hard work!

We’ve now got the website mostly how we want it, we’ve got a pretty active and

popular Facebook and Twitter network and we’re now on instagram too. Just

these three things take up a lot of time to administer, update and keep fresh – but it has to be done.

Sometimes all of this can feel like a chore, especially when the sun is shining

outside, but all of our efforts have been rewarded in recent weeks as we’ve

managed to get our barn and cabin fully booked for August and most of

September (we still have some dates free).

Now the pressure is really on to ensure that we give our guests a holiday to

remember for all the right reasons. With some of us having worked in hospitality

in the past we’re now going to draw upon every memory we have of how to look after guests and how to look after them well! We’re pretty confident we can do it.


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