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At winter's end

Winter doesn’t seem to have been here long but we are now officially in spring which is great news given our ever decreasing wood pile situation.

Mel and I went for a walk down to the Abbaye de Beaulieu earlier this month to see the snowdrops that have flooded the woodland surrounding the impressive and rather imposing old monastery. I made every effort to get the best photos of this spectacle and in doing so fell in a river a little bit, filling my wellies with cold and very muddy water that smelt like really bad eggs! That isn’t the first time I have fallen in a river, this happens rather too often! It was a tough trip back up the hill to home but I got a couple of good photos so it was nearly worthwhile.

snowdrops in France

To avoid any further trench foot situations I stayed well above the waterline taking more photos of the cowslips, the crocuses and the hellebores which have all bloomed these last couple of weeks in and around our garden. We hit 25 degrees the other day so it almost felt like summer - it was full 'sun's out guns out' for about 10 minutes! The rain has returned though so that has put an end to the early season tan up.

The cherry, sloe and the all important plum blossom has now started to come out too so here’s hoping those bees will get busy with the pollen so we can get a bumper crop of plums for next year’s batch of eau de vie! The annual plum ramassez beckons yet again!


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