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As Plos above the clouds

Waking to an orange/pink hue bleeding into our bedroom, I dived out of bed this morning and went straight to our window facing west to see what the weather Gods had in store for us. I was met with this:

Charlotte is now getting very used to my morning rituals and it's either back to bed to see who loses the tea making battle or she watches as I jump into my clothes and run downstairs to fetch the drone before I miss anything.

Today was the latter and all I heard was "tea?" as I ran down the hallway!

I managed to get a couple of nice photos so it was worth all the dashing about but what I'm really waiting for is a full inversion so I can get the drone above it - ideally with As Plos Heights poking out of the top. I'll send these requests to the weather Gods and hope for the best!


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