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A Day In The Rain

We have been lucky up until now, experiencing beautiful Autumn sunshine, with lovely warm days and clear crisp nights here at As Plos. So, to make the most of it, we took the time to oil our oak deck and door frames to Le Grange - our new barn renovation. With 180 spindles making up the deck fence (and each with 4 sides) it took all day, but it at least meant the boys could use it as an opportunity to top up their tan in the 25 degree sunshine!

Whilst I tried to take the time to learn a bit of French on my headphones as I painted, Jim and Marcus took to their own Spotify playlists on their headphones. I didn't miss out though as they kindly sang along to all their songs so I could hear them...!!! What a treat.

The good weather also meant we were able to finish some some of our other landscaping , putting in a new border of shrubs around the barn so they can establish for next spring and ultimately help to create more privacy for our guests.

Today unfortunately, the torrential rain set in. So, with that, most of us busied ourselves with other things in the dry. Jim however, kept up the dedicated outdoor task of landscaping and continued to lug rocks from one place to the next in order to create new border around our cabin area, again to create privacy for guests when they are in the hot tub. Dressed in full waterproofs, the rain didn't deter him as he worked outside for the entire day. I guess there is something about a hard days graft in the wet and then the satisfaction of returning to the warmth of the fire. Something me and jim love especially as we didn't have a wood burner back in the uk.

I am sure there will be days when it will be hard to motivate ourselves in awful weather but for now we are still embracing our new life with its new wet challenges!

So, to reward ourselves for a wet but productive day, we are off to toast over our very first bonfire and eat a French inspired dish of chilli con-carne and jacket potatoes!!!

Wishing everyone a happy bonfire night back in the UK.


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