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Silver linings Playpool

Okay, okay, it's not quite there as a title, not least as the liner is Anthracite and not silver, but it's hard to make a "catchy title" that encompasses everything that's been happening with our pool and where we are about to be in just a matter of days.

In short Jim and I have been spending day after day squinting into the travertine, burning our retinas and skin whilst laying (badly) the tiles and margelles around the pool.

It's taken what feels like an age in between fetching literally tons of sand and cement from the quarry (no really) and keeping out of the way of guests but we've now tiled almost 2/3rds of the pool surround. Tomorrow though is when it really all kicks off when the liner goes in and we start filling it with water! I don't think any of us can believe it.

Today, in preparation, I've been frantically sanding and filling in the lumps and bumps and doing some "remedials" to the liner rail and blocks (namely a massive dent left by a stray pétanque boule during a serious round of iBoule Golf ™). It's probably not ready by Larry's ( the liner fitter man thingy) standards but we'll find out in a matter of hours I guess.

In 4-5 days it should be full of water and the pump and filter doing what they do best. We've then got a serious amount of landscaping and planting to do...oh and another 3rd of hard core tiling to finish but meh, pas de problème!


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