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My heart stopped...

So this morning I learned some things. This morning I found out what happens when you fly your DJI Phantom 4 at 150m at -10ºc in the Aveyron Gorge at sunrise.

Whilst, quite obviously, you get some nice photos and some really beautiful video footage you can't wait to show the world, you also find some out other 'interesting' things:

You learn that standing stationary deep in the gorge at -10ºc will render your extremities painfully unusable - all of them.

You also learn that life for these numb and throbbing extremities is peachy when compared to the conditions that a Phantom 4 experiences at 150m when you combine an air temperature that low with the wind chill factor provided by 4 powerful motors - causing it to behave abnormally whilst perilously close to the gorge walls.

Finally, you learn that your heart will, for a split second, feel as though it has stopped when your now partially frozen (and very expensive) drone begins to behave as though it is falling out of the sky.

I have no way of explaining how I nursed it back to earth safely - other than an act of the merciful Gods. Just in case, I've decided to make an offering of beer and salted cashews as a demonstration of my gratitude for their mercy - followed by ingesting both (at pace) to calm my fragile nerves! Sh****t the frickin bed guys!!


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