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A sunrise series

Life since our permanent move to France has been too busy for anything other than work (and maybe a bit of cycling) but the other morning I got up before dawn and grabbed some coffee, drone, camera, tripod and lenses and headed out to see what I could get before the town began to stir.

It's only a short drive from Espinas, down the gorge and into Saint Antonin so I recce'd a few possible spots in the hope of finding an inversion to shoot some video. It was a tad cold on this clear September morning, especially when compared to the past few months of waking to 20°C and I was glad I'd grabbed my down jacket on the way out.

Once out of the town again and high above the gorge it became quite apparent that the conditions weren't really right for any significant “inversion action” so I shelved the idea of flying the drone and focussed on getting some still shots for the website instead. I found a spot that just allowed me to frame a shot between the trees and got a few photos as I waited for the sun to appear. This far south, sunrise is quite a lot later than you’d expect for September so I had plenty of time to spare over a few mugs of coffee.

Moving an impressive local viewpoint, I gave the drone a brief flight before moving back to my camera again as the warm orange rays began to light the limestone outcrops directly above the town. There was a heavy haze as the mist began to rise out of the valleys, which sadly muted the sun in the crucial few minutes of the best light. It wasn’t a big deal I got some fairly nice images all the same.

I don’t think “privileged” is a word that cuts the mustard when describing our move to France but it definitely goes some way to describing those few hours of that incredible morning.


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